Skimble Member Spotlight: Alan Rodmell

This week we’d like to introduce you to Alan Rodmell, this week’s Skimble Member Spotlight! Alan has been with us since October 2011 and uses both Skimble’s Workout Trainer & GPS Sports Tracker apps to stay active and get fit.  We got to ask him a few questions about his Skimble experience:


What was your starting point versus your current fitness status?

When I started using Skimble I was in decent shape.  Concerned that I may start to lose that with my desk job I started working out.  I am now in the best shape of my life.

What a lot of people don’t realise when it comes to working out is that anything is better than nothing. I had to fit my workouts around family commitments so most of my first 300 workouts were less than 10 minutes in length.  A few squats here and some push ups there whenever I could fit them in.  I do all my working out at home with no free weights other than dumbells.  I have never used a gym and don’t expect to in future.  I firmly believe I can get the body I want without it.

What’s your new year’s fitness/health resolution?

I don’t really like to set goals too far into the future.  More immediate goals reap more immediate rewards and help maintain motivation.  I guess my only aim is consistency.  To keep regular workouts throughout all of 2013.

What’s your favorite thing about Skimble?  

Just one thing?  It would have to be the range of workouts on offer.  Not everyone has all day to work out so being able to log into the app and find a few 5 min workouts is awesome! The ability to track the workouts is a big motivator for me.  It really helps visualise my progress.

Give us a fun fact about yourself:

I have short legs!  I am 5ft 9 with 29 inch legs  if I was in proportion I would be maybe 6’2.  

Who is your fitness icon and why?

Mario P. Canel, Rani M and Rod D.E.  I admire their dedication to their fitness and although it may be in vain….I aim to one day beat them on that leaderboard!


My advice to all new Skimblers out there? 

Set yourself short term goals that are achievable and destroy them! Then set some more.  That is how I work.  One workout at a time!

Thanks so much, Alan!  We believe you’re going to be at the top of that leaderboard in no time!

We at Skimble HQ get psyched when we find out that our members are going out and challenging themselves with monumental athletic feats.  If you are planning to participate in some sort of challenging event, and are using the Workout Trainer & GPS Sports Tracker apps to help you train, we’d love to spotlight you!  Please send us an email to if you’re interested.