Skimble Member Spotlight: Annie Tassie

We’d like to introduce you to Annie Tassie, this week’s Skimble Member Spotlight! Annie has been an avid Skimbler, creating over 60 workouts in her pursuit to lose baby weight and gain strength.  Check out her amazing transformation — it’s inspiring us to get out and have some fun in the sun!

annie tassie-1

What was your starting point versus your current fitness status?

For a while I was “skinny fat.” Size zero, but nothing but a bag of fat and bones. I started with Skimble when I had a baby and gained over 50 pounds.  I lost all the pregnancy weight in 7 months (down to 115) and now I’m building muscle. I’ve built up to 130 lb so far and I’m pretty happy here. Workin’ on the 6 pack now!

Who is your fitness icon and why?

Jillian Michaels. She earned every bit of her body through hard work, not the luck of the genetic pool.

What is your favorite way of staying fit outdoors?

Hiking with my family. I’m lucky to be in Hawaii with lots of beautiful hikes!

What’s your favorite thing about Skimble?

Skimble has made this all possible for me! I create my own workouts everyday. I have used Skimble while travelling and made hotel room workouts too. I’ve got my hubby and friends involved now! I’d be lost without Skimble!

What’s a random fact about you?

I play the bass guitar and shoot guns. A rockstar redneck?

What is your fitness mantra/motto?

No matter how chaotic life gets, the one thing I can control is my body. Fitness is my zen.

annie tassie02

Doesn’t that story just make you want to get outside and do something active? Thanks, Annie, for that amazing story of transformation.  We are truly inspired and thankful that you are part of our Skimble community.

We at Skimble HQ get psyched when we find out that our members are going out and challenging themselves.  If you are planning to participate in some sort of challenging event, and are using the Workout Trainer & GPS Sports Tracker apps to help you train, we’d love to spotlight you!  Please send us an email to if you’re interested.