Skimble Member Spotlight: Sylvester Daniels III

Everyone meet Sylvester Daniels III, or as our Skimble community knows him Sd3, this week’s Skimble Member Spotlight! Sylvester has been active his entire life, but found Skimble six months ago and has used it to stay motivated on his path for fitness domination. He was kind enough to answer our questions on exercise and life:


What was your starting point versus your current fitness status?

I started off my fitness journey at age six and have been active ever since. After collegiate football I got up to my heaviest, approximately 240 pounds. Now I am 194 pounds and looking to lose about 10 more pounds.

What your next fitness goal?

This summer I am looking forward to completing the Spartan Beast in June.  This race is 13 excruciating miles of tough obstacles and trail running.

Who’s your fitness icon and why?

LL Cool J.  That man is in excellent shape.

What’s a random fact about you?

I was once the fastest male high school 200 meter sprinter in Utah.

What’s your favorite thing about Skimble? 

My favorite thing about Skimble, is that you can always find support and motivation on those days you don’t feel like getting off the couch. It has motivated me to get back into shape and make fitness a major component of my life again.  I want to be an inspiration for my children, family, and friends and ensure that I will be as healthy as possible so I can enjoy my time on this great planet.

What’s your fitness mantra/motto?

“Train like your stronger, fitter, evil twin is plotting to KILL YOU!”  This is my fitness motto, because in the end I am competing against myself and only I can push myself past my limits.


Wow, we love to see how versatile our community is, and Sylvester is an excellent example of someone that is using Workout Trainer to maintain an already active and healthy lifestyle.  We know you’ll crush that Spartan Beast this summer! Thanks Sylvester!

We at Skimble HQ get psyched when we find out that our members are going out and challenging themselves.  If you are planning to participate in some sort of challenging event, and are using the Workout Trainer & GPS Sports Tracker apps to help you train, we’d love to spotlight you!  Please send us an email to if you’re interested.

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