Skimble Member Spotlight: Fabian Soro

This week we’d like to introduce you to Fabian Soro, our Skimble Member Spotlight! Fabian, with his self-proclaimed “old-man problems,” has been an active Skimbler for almost two years, combining yoga and our workouts to keep him in tip-top shape. He’s also created nearly 30 workouts himself, contributing his own fitness know-how to our amazing community. Learn more about Skimbler Fabian here:


What was your starting point versus your current fitness status?

My core and back needed a real boost (overall old-man-problems), after my first whole year without playing regular soccer since 1983. From February/March, I Skimbled regularly as part of my daily routine and I feel fitter than ever, walk up straight (again), and feel much stronger and a whole lot more relaxed, due to yoga.

What do you hope to accomplish, fitness-wise, before the end of the year?

Well, goals: I try some new things along the way and almost a week ago I set my mind to get The Wheel, the Tripod headstand and/or the Shirshasana before the new year. It starts with headstand prep-workouts and further strengthening, especially the core and deltoids, so whatever happens, I win.

Who’s your fitness icon and why?

The only one that comes to mind in regards to ‘fitness’ combined with ‘icon’ is Bruce Lee, but i don’t know if he’s a fitness-icon. This dry-muscled man used to slap people silly (or worse) if my memory serves me right.

What’s your favorite thing about Skimble? 

The Skimble work-outs in all kinds and colours. I can make my own work-outs or try/use those of others and Skimblers can motivate you sometimes. And sometimes, I have to admit it, it’s addictive.

What’s your fitness mantra/motto?

If you want it, you can achieve it, and this is no Hallmark-card but actually true.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Fabian!  We know you’ll be Wheeling around in no time 🙂

We at Skimble HQ get psyched when we find out that our members are going out and challenging themselves.  If you are planning to participate in some sort of challenging event, and are using the Workout Trainer & GPS Sports Tracker apps to help you train, we’d love to spotlight you!  Please send us an email to if you’re interested.