Top 5 Apps to Help you Take Amazing Trainer Photos

Top free apps for trainers and fitness fanatics to take amazing training selfies for Workout Trainer

You don’t need to be a Photoshop guru to turn so-so snapshots to favorite fitness photos! There are a lot of apps out there to help you create amazing images that are totally worth sharing. Here’s our pick of easy (and mostly free) photo editing apps to help you take your Verified Trainer profile to the next level. Build your fitness brand by including inspirational images and personalized workouts. We’ve used many of these recommended tools to create quick social media posts on our Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Skimble pages. Check out our example images and Top 5 app picks to help you share amazing fitspo in Workout Trainer!

What do you use to work out? Take a bird's eye view pic of your training space!

Inspirational Images & Branded Workouts

Stand out by sharing branded workouts like Tif’s side bendin’ sesh, including unique cover images and even your own instructional exercise photos. Clear some space, take hi-res photos of yourself training and make your images *pop* with custom filters and text overlay.

workout cover images with trainer brand pics and emoji

Before & Afters

Everyone loves a great fitness transformation! Create side-by-sides of your personal transformation or your client’s progress. Time to show and tell 📸

Skimble Workout Trainer transformations - before and after weight loss

Healthy Food Pics

Make your followers hungry with photos of what you’re cooking and eating to stay healthy!

Sharing multiple images of food in one image - healthy food porn - Workout Trainer


Keep the fitness stoke alive. Add some inspirational text overlays to your next post.

How to create and share amazing coaching images - Workout Trainer


We created all the pics in this blog post with our Top 5 photo editing app picks – try them for yourself!

Best Photo App | Layout by Instagram 1. Layout by Instagram (combine multiple images into one image)

Best Photo App | Over 2. Over (add text, artwork & images to photos)

Best Photo App | Image Blender 3. Image Blender (combine images with masks & blends, iOS-only $3.99)

Best Photo App | VSCO 4. VSCO (add beautiful photo filters)

Best Photo App | Pxlr 5. Pixlr (free photo editor with a web option)

Bonus: Emojis

Add another twist! Express yourself or the theme of your workouts with an emoji! On most phones, you can use the built-in emoji keyboard or copy/paste from a list or an app. Add one to your next post 💪

Emoji Cheatsheet (list of best-ranked emojis)

Free and easy social media tools for certified personal trainers

Remember, as a Verified Trainer, you can personalize and share all kinds of images including:

  • Workout Cover Images
  • Instructional Exercise Images
  • Fitspo (fitness inspiration)
  • Healthy Food Pics
  • Fitness Selfies
  • Before & Afters

We can’t wait to see what you share next!

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