Explore Collections in Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer’s latest iOS and Android update allows you to create Collections of your favorite workouts to share with clients, friends and fans. This new feature lets you add your own workouts, or browse through workouts created by trainers and other members. Log in to your Skimble account on Workout Trainer and follow these 5 easy steps to get started!


1. Create a Collection

Select the ‘My Collections’ tab from the Left Side Menu to create a new Collection, or organize your existing ones. Skimble-Workout-Trainer-My-Collections

2. Add Workouts to a Collection

Go to any Workout Info page and find the new ‘Save for Later’ feature that allows you to add workouts to your Collections. A cover photo will be generated automatically once you have added 4 or more workouts to a Collection.


3. Arrange Workouts in Collections

The Collections feature allows you to create a preferred sequence for your workouts. As soon as you finish one workout, you will be able to start the next one in your playlist. You can edit your Collections at any time by pressing down on a workout until the editing menu appears.


4. Delete Collections

You can also rename or delete any of your created Collections by using the Right Menu “…” option. Once you delete a Collection, clients or followers will no longer have access to it.


5. Follow Other Members’ Collections

You can follow Collections posted in the updates stream, or simply browse through specific member and trainer profiles to find and follow their Collections.


Start exploring the new Collections feature in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app for Android & Apple devices. We’d love to see what kind of workouts you like to do and share!