Workout Trainer: Super Simple Logging and Progress Tracking

Have you ever lost track of the progress you made during a training session at the gym? Or lost count of the number of reps you’ve been smashing out during your favorite weekly workout? Well, we’ve got you covered! Now you can log more details about your workouts so you can stay on top of your progress and improve your training targets throughout the New Year!

Before you get started, download the latest Workout Trainer update for Android and iOS to get full access to the new detailed workout logging features. If you’re looking to get the most out of these new progress tracking tools, connect your Bluetooth device and make sure your heart rate is showing up correctly in the workout player before you start exercising. The heart rate element is optional, but can be very helpful for additional analysis.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Super Simple Detailed Workout Logging and TrackingOnce you commence your training session, you can start logging exercise details by using the notes icon in the top right corner of the workout player. Tap the notes icon to input specific workout details, like the number of repetitions you completed, the weight you used to perform each exercise, and any additional notes you’d like to keep track of.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Super Simple Detailed Workout Logging and TrackingHaving access to these features within the Workout Trainer app means that you will no longer need to have an additional journal or planner alongside you while you work out. Workout by workout you’ll see the progress you’ve made, such as adding a little more weight each time or doing a few more reps until failure. Soon enough you’ll have outdone yourself!

If you want to stay 100% focused during your training sessions, you can always log session details once you’ve completed your workouts. You can also go back to your workout history at any point in time and edit previous workouts from the list of completed workouts to add additional exercise details.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Super Simple Detailed Workout Logging and TrackingNot only is this simple workout logging tool super easy to use, but you can also save yourself time by copying exercise details to other rounds if you used the same weights, and completed the same amount of reps. This copying feature is available after a workout is completed. With these built-in features, your exercise log doesn’t have to be a cumbersome addition to your training sessions!

Once you have completed two or more of the same workouts, you’ll be able to compare and analyze your sessions to optimize your training plans. Hit your different training targets throughout the year and push yourself to new personal records by adding a little extra weight or squeezing in another rep here and there. If you are working with a 1:1 Online Personal Trainer, they will be able to see your detailed logs and further tailor your training plan.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Super Simple Detailed Workout Logging and TrackingAnd last but not least, you can choose your preferred unit of measurement by toggling between the metric and imperial systems in your app settings. Tap the left side menu, select the ‘Settings’ option then your ‘Weight Units’ preference (pounds or kilograms).

Get the most out of each workout session and hit your training targets this New Year with simple detailed workout logging at your fingertips. Download the Workout Trainer app on your Android or iOS devices and go get it!

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