Skimble’s Yin & Yang Yoga Series: The Power of Vinyasa

As we lead up to International Yoga Day (June 21) we have created the  Yin & Yang Yoga Series. Whether you’re an expert yogi, or just trying yoga for the first time, get a taste of various types of yoga this week! From calming and meditative, detoxifying and releasing, strengthening, stretching, balancing all the way to energizing yoga – we’ve got it all. The Yin yoga workouts are slower paced more relaxing practices, whereas the Yang yoga workouts are more powerful and active practices. Try them both, and tell what you think!


Our first workout this week is a Yang style practice. ‘Vinyasa’ describes the way you move from one yoga pose to another, through the power of inhaling and exhaling. This is a great practice for newbies and experienced yogis to give Vinyasa a try.


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