Skimble’s Program Spotlight: 75 Push-Up Challenge


Did you finish our 50 Push-Up Challenge and think it was a walk in the park? Are you ready for the next level push-up challenge? The 75-Push-Up Challenge is for those of you who want to be in the top percentile of your peers for push-up endurance. In order to successfully complete the 75 push-ups by the end of this 4 week program, we recommend that you can already perform at least 15 push-ups prior to starting. However, we won’t discriminate, any person who does this program will dramatically improve their push-up endurance, regardless of getting to 75! You don’t need any equipment for this program, it is entirely bodyweight. Get ready to ‘PUSH’ yourself to the max!

Take it up a notch with the 75 Push-Up Challenge! You can get lifetime access to this program for $9.99 or Go PRO+ to gain access to all of our custom training programs in Workout Trainer.


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