Workout Trainer App Tip: Personalize your Workouts


Great news! We’ve taken workout creation to the next level, allowing you to personalize your workouts more than ever. Get the latest Workout Trainer update on iOS & Android today, and start adding your own exercise photos into the workouts you create, and choose your workout cover photo. Snap some photos of yourself in plank, doing push-ups, or even doing your very own custom exercise, and follow these steps below to add them to your workouts.

Follow these tips to get started!  

Log in to your Skimble account on Workout Trainer and start creating a custom workout, as described previously. Select an exercise from our database to add to your workout, then tap ‘Edit’ in the top right to personalize.skimble-workout-trainer-app-tip-customizationIn edit mode,  tap the ‘…’ in the top right to see the menu options. Either choose to remove all existing images, then add your own, or simply add your own photos to the existing set.skimble-workout-trainer-app-tip-photosAs an alternative to adding your photos to existing exercises in our database, you can add custom exercises (perhaps your fave signature moves!?) to your workouts by tapping the ‘+’ at the top right.skimble-workout-trainer-app-tip-add-photosAdd your own photos to each of your custom exercises by tapping the ‘+’ in the middle of the screen. You can either take a photo at that moment, choose an existing image from your photo library, or re-use one of your previous uploads.skimble-workout-trainer-add-tip-photosOnce you’ve created your workout to your liking, tap SAVE, then pick your workout cover photo!

Are you a fitness professional? Become a Verified Trainer and get this awesome feature for free. This feature is also available to all PRO+ members in Workout Trainer.

Start adding your own exercise photos to your workouts in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app for Android & Apple devices. We can’t wait to see your custom workouts!




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