Skimble’s Workout Trainer iPad app ranks Top 10 globally – now with coach Greg! Plus, sitting is killing you…do our Workout of the Week!

Skimble’s Workout Trainer for iPad app has organically hit the Top 10 Free Health/Fitness charts globally!  Thanks for all your support & feedback.  We’re continually striving to make Workout Trainer the best workout experience for mobile.

Today in our latest app update, we are introducing another real human coach to Workout Trainer.  Please meet smooth-talking, über-motivating certified personal trainer, Greg!  


Demo Greg’s voice here:

Complete Skimble’s Workout of the Week (WoW), Terrifically Toned, and choose to train with Greg today!


Remember, unlocking Workout Trainer’s PRO membership provides you with access to all human audio coaching from real personal trainers like Greg.

In need of a little inspiration to get off the couch?

TheNextWeb recently published a mildly alarming article / infograph that asserts the trials and tribulations of sitting…basically, it’s killing you!  Combat the 9-5 sitting grind by doing exercises throughout the day and spending minimal time sitting outside of work, watching TV and car commuting.

No one wants to die.  Pick up your iPad or iPhone, launch Workout Trainer and follow-along to our workouts for a healthier, livelier you!