New Feature: Shared Workouts in Workout Trainer


Did you just create a great workout and want to challenge your followers with it? Perhaps you completed an amazing workout and want to spread the joy (and sweat)? Wonderful! You won’t want to miss Workout Trainer‘s latest iOS & Android app feature that allows both trainers and members to Share Workouts with clients, followers & friends. Log in to your Skimble account on Workout Trainer and discover all that this new feature has to offer!


To start using the Shared Workouts feature, make sure your clients or friends are following you in Workout Trainer. You can invite them to download the app/follow you through the SHARE icon in the upper right on your profile.


Once they start following you, you can Share Workouts with them. Simply select your favorite workout, then tap the SHARE icon in the upper right. On Android, tap the SEND icon instead.


This new feature is great if you’re coaching clients one-on-one, but it can also be used to pool your friends into specific sets of workout groups. Just select any followers from the list below! You can also include a personalized message to motivate them to do the workouts you share.


On top of all this greatness, you can keep track of who does your Shared Workouts. A red check mark will appear by each recipient’s profile image once they complete your recommendation. No more excuses for slackers!


Start exploring the new Shared Workouts feature in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app for Android & Apple devices. We’d love to see what kind of workouts you like to do and share!


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