Skimble’s Trainer Spotlight: Christopher Brooks

Featured Skimble Trainer Christopher Brooks from Toledo, OhioMeet Christopher Brooks, Skimble‘s featured Trainer! Being a family man himself, Christopher understands the needs of busy parents and has tailored his training programs to include simple, easy-to-follow schedules that won’t break the bank. We recently had the chance to chat with Christopher and learn about his passion to help families lose weight, feel energized, and see real results!

Tell us a bit about your background and where you’re from.

Christopher: Hi everyone, my name is Christopher. I’m a dedicated father, loving husband, nationally certified Personal Trainer, and Corrective Exercise Specialist from Toledo, Ohio.

Personal Trainer Christopher Brooks with his family in Toledo, Ohio

Have you always been interested in health and fitness?

Christopher: My journey began over 20 years ago in the rehabilitation center after suffering an ACL injury while playing football during my junior year in high school. During rehab, my relentless passion for the game drove me to make a full recovery, play football again, and continue my short career at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

Christopher: 20 years later my passion for fitness is geared towards staying strong and healthy for my family and helping others live a healthy and happy life for their families.

Trainer Christopher Brooks showing how to Deadlift a Barbell

What are your training specialties?

Christopher: I’m a versatile Personal Trainer who believes preparation and recovery are the keys to staying injury-free and getting maximum results. I implement both HIIT and Functional Training to keep my clients motivated and engaged.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Christopher: My guilty pleasures are pancakes, ice cream, and cheesecake. I know all three are loaded with carbs, but I love them deeply.

Who are your heroes?

Christopher: My heroes are Muhammad Ali, Will Smith, and Ice Cube.

Corrective Exercise Specialist Christopher Brooks using a log as a weighted alternative

What’s your favorite Workout Trainer feature?

Christopher: My favorite feature is the social community. I love connecting, chatting, and helping people from all over the globe.

Do you have any go-to training gear that you would recommend?

Christopher: My go-to training gear is hands down the jump rope. It’s a wonderful and convenient way to improve strength and endurance without having to hop on a treadmill.

Christopher Brooks keeping fit by running in a local Toledo, Ohio race

Please share a secret health/fitness tip with the Skimble community…

Christopher: My secret tip for sticking to your routine is to set a realistic goal, track everything, and be consistent. You will reach your target twice as fast!

Thanks for sharing with us, Christopher, we’re excited to see what the future will bring for you and your training biz!

Christopher Brooks is currently accepting new clients for 1:1 Online Personal Training in Workout Trainer. Get signed up today and let him help you crush your fitness goals.

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