Skimble’s Workout Trainer: Layer Up and Get Fit This Fall!

Workout Trainer by Skimble: New Fall Programs Announcement

No excuses this Fall! It’s the perfect time to layer up and get fit with brand new programs in Workout Trainer. Whether you’re continuing your health journey, committing to a new goal, or starting down a new fitness path, we have many new training programs that will help you feel like your best self this Fall. Get colorful and give it all you’ve got!

Here is a quick intro to some of the programs in Workout Trainer this Autumn season.

Our intense Weight Loss Bootcamp will have you burning fat and feeling great in just 3 short weeks packed with bodyweight exercises. Curious about kettlebells? Why not give them a try! Our all-new Kettlebell: Stabilize program is great for beginners exploring this new training tool. Packed with staple kettlebell exercises and some out-of-the-box moves, these KB workouts will be an instant favorite. Interested in changing up your morning routine? Awaken your body with the Mobility Mornings program, a revitalizing energizing routine that’s easy-to-do in the comfort of your own bedroom. Get hard to the core as we unveil our next free program series: Freedom Fit. This 3-part training program is great for losing those unwanted pounds and toning muscle in all the right places. No equipment required!

Don’t miss the latest custom training programs in Workout Trainer. Check out Skimble’s blog over the Autumn months to learn about these awesome new programs we have developed with our certified professional trainers. Commit to your fitness goals this Fall and Go PRO+ to gain access to all programs in Workout Trainer anytime!

Layer up and train hard this Autumn to tackle your 2016 fitness resolution before the new year hits! Before you know it, you’ll have so much to be cheerful about by the holidaysx🙂

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