Skimble’s Trainer Spotlight: Kiele Briscoe

Skimble Trainer Spotlight: Kiele Biscoe from Colorado

Meet Kiele BriscoeSkimble‘s featured Trainer! After going through her own weight loss journey several years ago and feeling like she was in it alone, Kiele is now excited to be able to support and guide others who are embarking on a healthier lifestyle. We recently had the chance to chat with Kiele and learn about her own transformation and what motivates her to stay active these days.

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from?

Kiele: I was born and raised in Colorado. I was always involved in sports growing up. My high school wrestling coach got me into weight lifting and I instantly fell in love with it.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

Kiele: I went through a time of being obese. I had weight loss surgery in 2015 and kind of had to do things all by myself. During that time, I rediscovered my love of weight lifting and fitness. I wanted to help others so they wouldn’t have to go at it alone like I did.

Skimble Trainer Spotlight: Kiele Briscoe from Colorado

What are your training specialties?
Kiele: I like to help other people who have had weight loss surgery and people who are new to discovering a healthier lifestyle.
What keeps you motivated to stay fit yourself?
Kiele: Remembering what I felt like when I was 250lbs… Now, I love the rewarding feeling of working hard and getting stronger.
Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Kiele: Does making TikToks count?! 🙂
Who are your heroes?
Kiele: Anyone who puts themselves out there to better themselves. It’s scary to ask for help – trust me, I know! Those kinds of people will always be my kind of people.

Skimble Trainer Spotlight: Kiele Briscoe from Colorado

What are your hidden talents?

Kiele: I’m good at decorating cakes and cookies for special occasions.

What’s your favorite Workout Trainer feature?

Kiele: I love the ability to create my own workouts and share them with the community.

Do you have any go-to training gear that you would recommend?

Kiele: I’m a huge fan of free weights, but honestly, nothing beats a good pair of cross trainers.

Skimble Trainer Spotlight: Kiele Briscoe from Colorado

Please share a secret health/fitness tip with the Skimble community…

Kiele: Don’t eat food that makes your mouth sad. Don’t just jump on whatever diet is trending. Do your homework, talk to professionals, and find foods that are best alligned with your goals.

Thanks for sharing with us, Kiele, we’re excited to see what the future will bring for you and your training biz!

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