Calendar Feature: How-To Schedule Workouts in Workout Trainer

Schedule workouts in Workout Trainer for Android and iOS

Do you need that extra little nudge to help you stick to your exercise routine? Most of us do! Setting a goal for yourself is really just the start of it… Creating a plan, carving out time in your busy schedule, and reminding yourself when it’s time to exercise, are all important steps in helping you achieve the results you’re looking for.

With the latest Workout Trainer app update, you can schedule your favorite workouts in your calendar and automatically receive push notifications that will remind you when it’s time to get moving. Download the update on your Android & iOS devices to explore these new scheduling features and never fall behind again with your training.

Schedule workouts in Workout Trainer for Android and iOS

From the Home screen, tap on any day of your Workout Week to open up the full month-view calendar. Alternatively, open up the left side menu and select ‘Calendar’ from the menu options. Tap on any day in the calendar to schedule a workout. Dates in the past will display the option to Log a Note or a Workout that you’ve already completed. Dates in the future will allow you to Schedule a Workout and give you the option to set a reminder. Select your workout of choice and then adjust the date/time, if needed, as well as the check boxes to receive optional reminders 1 hour before and/or 15 minutes before your scheduled workout.

Schedule workouts in Workout Trainer for Android and iOS

You can also add a workout to the calendar by tapping ‘Save’ at the bottom left corner of any Workout Overview Page. Next, select ‘Schedule Workout’ from the menu options and follow the same prompts, as explained above, to adjust the date/time and push notifications.

Schedule workouts in Workout Trainer for Android and iOS

Make sure you double-check your ‘Settings’ from the left side menu to see which notifications you have turned on/off. Select the first menu option in Settings – called ‘Edit Profile & Account’ – then tap on the ‘Notifs’ tab to adjust your ‘Mobile Push Notifications’ in order to receive these scheduled workout notifications.

Are you a Certified Personal Trainer? As part of Skimble’s extensive Trainer Tools, you can also schedule workouts for your clients in Workout Trainer. Simply tap on your client’s name to enter the 1:1 Messaging Stream. From there, tap the calendar icon in the top right corner to view their calendar and schedule upcoming workouts for them. They will be notified when you schedule a workout, as well as 1 hour and/or 15 mins before, if you select these reminder options.

Download the latest Workout Trainer app update and schedule your first workout today. Take the guesswork out of your weekly exercise routine and get convenient reminders when it’s time to work out.

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